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Sonora, Texas
    McPherson 4M Ranch is a family owned and operated hunting ranch.  The
    ranch is located just 16 miles south of Sonora, Texas in Sutton County and
    features 12,500 acres of land. The East fork of the Dry Devil's River lined with
    live oak trees, runs the length of the ranch. Texas Hill country terrain with
    cedar and mesquite make up the remainder of the ranch.

    Axis deer, Fallow deer and Black Buck Antelope can be found on the ranch.  
    Although not a large population, many of the exotics taken fall into the GOLD
    medal category.  One Axis deer was number 1 in the world for non-typical
    Axis deer.

    We have been under Game management with a controlled harvest.  
    Management program has been derived from the Texas Parks and Wildlife
    biologist recommendations as well as range and herd conditions. This program
    has enabled us to harvest numerous trophy bucks.  Many are 10 points and
    greater. Sutton County has one of the largest turkey populations in the state,
    giving us an extensive turkey flock.
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