McPherson 4M Ranch - Guided Hunting | San Antonio, TX McPherson 4M Ranch | Guided Hunting | San Antonio, TX

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A Hunting Experience

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Take in all the beauty of our 12,500 acres of land and 1/4 acre pond fully stocked with largemouth bass.

If you have a mind for hunting more outlandish game than the regular fare, schedule an unforgettable vacation to McPherson 4M Ranch. Embark on a one-of-a-kind exotic game hunting tour across our ranch’s 12,500 acres of land. A visit to the ranch includes meals, bedding, and lodging, and it’s a fantastic time for families, friends, and business partners alike.

Unforgettable Exotic Game Hunting

Get information on your exotic game hunting vacation by calling today.

  • 36" rack and up - $3,000

  • 33" - 36" rack - $2,500

  • 30" -33" rack - $2,000

  • 30" rack or less - $1,500

  • Axis doe - $450

Comforts that Come Included

Beyond the plentiful amount of exotic animals on the premises, your stay will also be made complete by the various amenities that come included with it. When you're not out tracking game you can enjoy our internet, fireplace, pool table, shooting range, skeet range, BBQ patio, and skinning area.

Axis Deer Rates

  • Fallow Buck - $2000

  • Black Buck Antelope (24" and up) - $2000

  • Black Buck Antelope (24" or less) - $1500

  • Exotic Rams - $600

  • Oryx -  $3000

  • Audad - $1500

  • Fallow Doe -  $600


Other Exotics Rates